Full-Service Commercial Pet Waste Removal

2x Weekly Service

Maintain & Restock Waste Stations

Empty Waste Station Receptacles

Full Property Waste Removal

We know resident satisfaction is of the upmost importance for our clients. Our #1 goal is to help keep your residents happy and increase renewal rates.

Resident Retention Program

tidy pooch is all about resident retention & satisfaction. That's why we welcome our client's new resident pooch parents with a special gift.

About tidy pooch

tidy pooch is a locally owned, full-service commercial pet waste removal company based in Colorado Springs.

A clean, pet waste-free property is proven to positively impact the quality of life for your residents, increase retention and create a great first impression for future residents & guests.

Outside maintenance teams spend hours each week removing pet waste from properties, maintaining & restocking waste stations and emptying waste station receptacles. 

Hire our team to do the dirty work and allow your maintenance team to focus on critical resident & property issues.

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